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Welcome we'd like to take a moment to introduce you to the new electronic non-immigrant visa form recently introduced by the US Department of State the ds-160 this basic guide will walk you through the process and help you understand how to complete this new and exciting electronic visa form what is the ds-160 it's a new electronic non-immigrant visa application form launched by the US Department of State in the latest phase of our ongoing modernization of the non-immigrant visa application process the new ds-160 combines three previous musa forms the DEA's 156 TDS 157 and the DES 158 into one easy-to-use web-based form now here are some important information you need to know before you start the new ds-160 process first be sure you know the proper type or classification of the visa you need for your specific purpose of travel for example if you are going to the US on a business trip or holiday you will need to apply for a B visa a student going to study full-time in the u.s. in most cases you will be applying for an F visa if you'll be participating in an exchange program like summer work and travel you'll need to apply for a J visa petition based temporary workers you'll likely need an H o or P visa depending on the nature of the work you'll do in the u.s. members of the media if you are going in your capacity as a journalist you'll need to apply for an AI visa and ship an airline crew members you'll be applying for a C and/or D visa we recommend that you consult the US Embassy website for more on appropriate visa classifications before you begin the ds-160 process also be sure you have a digital photograph of yourself that meets the non-immigrant visa photo guidelines a computer with internet access and to save your work we strongly suggest that you have a file storage device like a thumb drive or writable CD let's talk a little bit more about the digital photo your digital self portrait must be square and at least 600 pixels by 600 pixels in height and width it has to be a JPEG image no larger than 240 kilobytes in file size of course there are a lot of other little details that you need to know so make sure you read the photo guidelines carefully as outlined on the US Embassy website before you begin your ds-160 electronic visa form if you are not able to upload a photo during the ds-160 visa application process you will have to bring a physical photo to your interview before you begin here are a few tips for completing the new ds-160 electronic visa application form make sure you have all your important information on hand ready while you're completing the form your session will timeout after 20 minutes of no activity so you may not have time to step away and get this information while you're filling out the form we recommend that you have it on hand from the start once you have everything ready to go access the application at c8c dot state govt slash GE n and IV or visit the US Embassy website for a link to the new ds-160 online...